Go Project Films - Living Library Vol 2

Go Project Films - Living Library Vol 2

This package includes the award winning films Soleá, Yukon KIngs, Isle de Jean Charles, Marie's Dictionary, Path of Freedom, Laugh Clown Laugh, The Ocean Inside, Silent Cresendo and Celeritas.

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Go Project Films - Living Library Vol 2
  • Celeritas

    Filmed over the course of three years across four continents, time-lapse film Celeritas explores our relationship to nature and the modern world.

    Directed by Elias Koch and Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee.

  • Isle de Jean Charles

    This short film offers a portrait of the Isle de Jean Charles, a tiny island deep in the bayous of Southern Louisiana. The film explores the changes taking place on the island through the lives of two residents whose families are facing a future where rising seas, coastal erosion and storms are t...

  • Laugh Clown Laugh

    Laugh Clown Laugh offers a portrait of Berlin based clown Reinhard "Filou" Horstkotte. The role of the clown, for Reinhard, is not just to entertain, but to explore the whole human being including all of the contradictions. For him, there is truly more to being a clown than laughter.

    Directed ...

  • The Ocean Inside

    A meditation on surfing, the ocean, and the land that is our home. Director Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee joined forces with writer and surfer Josh Berry, whose words float over the beautiful and dramatic landscapes, coastline and ocean waves that form the backdrop for his personal and poetic tale.


  • Marie's Dictionary

    This short documentary tells the story of Marie Wilcox, the last fluent speaker of the Wukchumni language and the dictionary she created in an effort to keep her language alive.

    Directed by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee.

    Link to Free Lesson Plan: https://www.globalonenessproject.org/resources/lesson...

  • Path of Freedom

    In the harsh environment of a Rhode Island men's prison, a group of fifty inmates are transforming their lives through the practice of meditation. Path of Freedom follows former inmate Fleet Maull as he visits prison to share his strategies for surviving on the inside. The film offers a rare glim...

  • Silent Crescendo

    An intimate portrait of ex-Yugoslavian émigré artist Slobodan Dan Paich, Silent Crescendo follows his daily ritual of creating simple drawings with tea and ink. In response to the modern pace of the art scene, Slobodan has embraced these fluid works of art to express his searching approach.


  • Yukon Kings

    Set in the remote Alaskan Yukon Delta, Yukon Kings follows Yup'ik fisherman Ray Waska as he teaches his grandkids how to fish during the summer salmon run. With environmental and cultural forces threatening their subsistence way of life, Ray holds onto the hope that his grandsons will one day pas...

  • Soleá

    Set in Seville, Spain this short film follows a day in the life of flamenco guitarist Juan Ramierez. Through his eyes we experience Soleá - the mother of flamenco - and Juan’s unusual journey to master his craft.

    Directed by Pedro Kos and Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee.

    Link to Free Lesson Plan: htt...